Sunday, 1 April 2012

'Landmark' Incident..

Been to the 'Landmark' book stall many times in the past 2 years 2 months in Bangalore, but this time it was funny :)

Take a nice book, most likely a book of high quality pictures depicting history or beautiful places on Earth or about Universe, take a seat adjacent to the rack and spend time browsing through the pics and day dream at the same time...hmm, my favorite pastime..

Entered the book stall, and swiftly headed towards my favorite rack. Few heads raised from their books to notice and you know, few found their books rather interesting so continued their burial of heads.

Finding myself within a few yards from the rack,I focused on 2 things -- a big book waiting for me on the 3rd self and a vacant easy-to-roll-over seat in the penultimate rack. Just when I was about to occupy my seat, a teenager , probably fresh into college from school, arrogantly pushed me away and occupied it.

I hurt-ed!

"Excuse me?", I asked him trying to sound polite.

"There's one more there..!", was the reply I got along with a finger pointing towards one vacant seat in the stall's infinite space.

Boy, u pissed me off! I looked at the direction he pointed out and found a vacant seat quite far, about 5 racks from my current place. And by the time I turned my head back to him, this fella already settled down with his choice of book.

The buried heads gave a stare and didn't settle back.

Slowly I reached the one recommended by my co-star, and began pushing the seat even slowly towards him with my feet.

The silent stall with soft music till then was now re-mixed with the creaking noise from my dragging seat that had harsh wheels.

Audience were interrupted, looked angrily towards me but, I had my stare fixed on that teen and continued dragging it even more vehemently towards him.

Rack 5(slow)-->Rack 4(slower)------>Rock 3(slowly)------------>Rack 2(god damn slow!)

Perplexed eyes realized the crime committed by the teen, and now re-directed their anguish looks towards him who by now gave an embarrassed look-here-and-there.

Guyz, recollect Jurassic Park-1, the scene where the car with kids rolls upside down- & girl inside turns on flash light - dinosaur looks at it and comes slowly towards the car for the kill...recollected the horrified look on that gals face? Didn't? Well, I felt the teens look matching with that.

Rack2 to Rack 1 (3 harsh,arrogant, frustrated, pissed-off-like-never-before pushes--like 3 replays of an emotional punch-fight in Tollywood movies), I made the seat reach my rack.

Wireless signals reached the teen - who was under 'full' network coverage of the stares -- and he tried to focus back in his book sheepishly. I took my book, sat on my seat and faced the teen.

Made the teen feel like he's inside a microwave oven, surrounded by non-tangible waves of stares, with mine being the bang-on-the-target stare. My mind calculated the time it takes to cook him up, after all its an oven right?

And yes, within 2 minutes, a bit quicker than Maggie noodles- Taste bhi, Healthy bhi, like a pop-corn he jumped out from that place and went away.. !

And I continued my day dreaming happily ever after :)

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  1. Gud one...does it mean u r still a 'hot' potato ;) chota bacha tha chodd dete :D...gud start keeping posting!